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Play Days

Is your puppy a little more destructive then you expected?

We can help!

Why choose  "Play Days"  for your dog?

Our "Play Days" program includes spacious, climate-controlled indoor play rooms and fun-filled outdoor play yards.  We pack every day with tons of opportunities for your dog to have a blast in a safe, controlled setting. Our play yards are equipped with dog safe toys, splash pools, sprinklers, shade, and Astroturf.


Every play area is supervised at all times by one of our "Canine Coaches", trained in animal behavior, socialization, basic obedience, canine first aid and CPR.


Our playgroups are grouped by size, personality and play style to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable. We get to know each one of our dogs by name, their habits and disposition, and who their best friends are. Just like a good teacher, we'll let you know if your pup has a difficult day or if something doesn't look quite right.

Just a few of the benefits

  • Dogs enjoy group playtime and form special friendships.

  • Dogs receive lots of personal attention and close supervision throughout the day by our highly trained, dog loving staff.

  • We provide physical activity, exercise, and stimulation for young puppies and high energy dogs.

  • We can help you curb many behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and jumping.

  • We can help build confidence in many dogs who are timid or fearful

  • We offer a safe, more controlled environment for socialization to optimize the fun and quality of exercise.

Guidelines for participating

Before staying with us, our team will need to complete a "Behavioral Assessment" to ensure your dog is a good fit for an open play environment. We make sure your dog’s play style and sociability are compatible with the appropriate playgroup to provide the consistency that every dog needs to feel confident, safe and most importantly to have fun!

In addition to successfully completing our behavioral assessment, all dogs attending our "Play Days" program must:

  • Be at least 4 months old

  • Be in general good health

  • Have written proof of up–to–date vaccinations, including Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella

  • Be spayed or neutered — Puppies under 6 months of age are exempt

Need a cuteness fix?

You can easily check in on your furry family member throughout the day via our Facebook or Instagram page.

We post pictures and videos from our play areas every day. You’ll see firsthand how attentive our team is with your baby.


Daily Rate  $25

Weekly Rate $150

Monthly Rate $625

Behavioral Assessment

Get Started In The Play Days Program

Schedule Your Behavioral Assessment



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